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A Collection of Old-Time Fiddle Transcriptions, Banjo Tabs, Recordings, Etc.

Fiddle Transcriptions

Here are 675 or so fiddle tunes. Mark Wardenburg has transcribed these from various recordings.
(Yes, Mark has more than me. And, no, Mark doesn't have these all memorized.)

Clawhammer Banjo Tabs

Here are 613 or so banjo tunes. I'll be editing these as I have time and adding new tunes every now and then.
(And, no, I don't have them all memorized either.)

Chord Charts

Go to the Guitar Page for info or see the fiddle transcriptions.

MIDI generated sound files

We have mp3 files of the melody (fiddle part) for a large number of the tunes.


News and old pages from specific events and a few other things (Old pages have some link problems and may take a while to get updated)

About This Site

We like a variety of styles of old time including the gritty modal one chord tunes, the notey midwestern tunes, the serious tunes, the sweet tunes, and the dorky tunes. There is no doubt that it's good to learn by ear and be able to play a tune you don't know. But don't let anybody tell you that it's wrong to use notation or tab. It's a tool to document, learn, and share. I figured if we were going to spend all that time working up the tunes and putting them into tab and notation we might as well share. So...there you go. Hopefully you'll find something you like.

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