Old Time Banjo with Candy Goldman
Walker Creek Music Camp April 2013

Candy Goldman and David Brown

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David's Notes

Digital Library of Appalachia
note that you can download MP3's from this site, but it's just not obvious. Select the "Download" button in the upper right when viewing an item.

Field Recorders' Collective

The Hammons Family 2 CD set on Rounder does appear to be out of print - Amazon shows two used copies at $125!! I'll check with John Hatton (Clef'd Ear in Michigan) to see if he still has any stock. I found a site (see below for Johnny Booger) where you can hear sound samples, but unfortunately the sample for Shaking down the Acorns is part of a long story that Burl Hammons tells after the tune, rather than the tune itself.


Key of G:

Down the Road (Ida Red)
(Candy says it's from Bruce Green.)

There are many recordings of this.
Candy's CD has a version from Stanley Hicks - haven't listened to it yet to know if it matches what was taught.

Here is Tommy Jarrell - Ida Red (which follows the same structure)

Bowling Green (Clyde Davenport)
Puncheon Camps (AC_002) (cassette)
I think this was also issued on CD, but may no longer be available

Devilish Mary (Clyde Davenport)

Lazy John (Clyde Davenport)
Puncheon Camps (AC_002)

Also, take a listen to this Western Swing version from Johnnie Lee Wills (Bob Wills' brother). Clyde said he learned the song from the radio, so this was likely the source:


You can find more Clyde Davenport (mostly fiddle) at


Clyde is prominent in Jeff Titon's book "Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes", Univ Press of Kentucky.


This was converted to a website from a Hypercard stack (created in 1991) - remember Hypercard from the early days of the Mac?

Shelvin' Rocks (Melvin Wine via Jimmy Triplett)

This is a wonderful set of a DVD (videos, including a 30 min doc) plus a computer CD of ~300 MP3's - what I assume is Melvin's entire repertoire - and a number of short videos. Well worth getting.

MP3 of Melvin's Shelvin' Rocks here:



Note that the title "Shelvin' Rock" is used for several totally different tunes. Most common are various West Virginia versions in A - e.g. French Carpenter, Ernie Carpenter, Wilson Douglas. Also, the title has been used for a tune in C similar to Billy in the Low Ground (e.g. Henry Reed). Sherman Hammons played something in G (Candy - this is the source of the Jimmy Triplett recording from the Helena Triplett CD that I had on my iPod) that might bare some structural resemblance, but I haven't listened enough to determine if there really is any relationship.

Edden Hammons plays a Shelvin' Rock in G that is close to Melvin's (but still some differences). Also listen to Burl Hammon's and Milo Biggers' versions here:

side note - a recording of Sherman Hammon's fiddling was just released, and contains his Shelvin' Rock:

key of C? (G tuning)
Shoot that Buffalo (Libba Cotten)

C (double C tuning)
Johnny Booger (Lee Hammons)


G modal
Shaking Down the Acorns (Burl Hammons)

I uploaded an MP3:


You can hear Edden Hammons "Shaking off the Acorns" (A part identical; B differs) here:

Old Grey Goose (Dan Tate)

Demonstrated but not taught:

Old Dan Tucker/Kitty Snyder (?) (Lee Hammons)
Rose is Red, Stem is Green (Peachie Howard)

The following were demonstrated and are on Candy's handout CD
Hook & Line
Going Across the Sea


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