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This is the page to check for the latest banjo tabs. I've been working on fiddle lately so my output is down but I'll get back to it.

Would you like to buy us a beer? You can PayPal us a beer if you feel inclined. Select any donation level. Disclaimer for concerned tea-totalers: all money (and more) actually goes for software, web-hosting and recordings.

AND...if you do I'll send you a compiled pdf of all the fiddle or banjo pages you can print or put on your iPad, computer or other device.

NOTE: I've gotten a couple PayPal Beers with emails that don't work and have a few older emails that bounce. PayPal has also failed to notify my of payments and I've also lost track of emails. So, If you don't get updates or never got your eBook...shoot me an email ken@taterjoes.com and we'll get you sorted.

Back Up Tracks
NEW: Go to the Strum Machine page for info about chord charts and computer generated back up tracks.
NEW: JamKazam. Are you trying on-line jamming for the pandemic? Here are some notes on how to reduce your latency.

Would you like to buy us a beer? I'll send you all the files as a bonus. Let me know if you want fiddle or banjo and add a note if you like.
Type in this little box and tell me if you prefer the fiddle or banjo files:
Newest Tunes (Don't forget, newest may be a little rough! I'll fix them as I play them a bit and work out the bugs.)
(Sorry about the lack of new tunes...I've been learning fiddle)