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I don't play much Old-Time Guitar. OK, I only know three chords. Don't expect too much to show up on this page unless one of my guitar playing buddies decides to contribute.

Chord Charts
Chord charts for many of the tunes. Yes, we know that there isn't always agreement on what the "correct" chords are. Here are the ones we use and should match the fiddle and banjo double stops in the transcriptions and tabs.

If you are looking for other chords to the tunes you will find them on the Fiddle Page.

They are also available "to go" on your tablet or phone via Strum Machine. Check out the Strum Machine page for info.
Back Up Tracks
Go to the Strum Machine page for info about chord charts and computer generated back up tracks.

Old-Time Backup Guitar - Learn From The Masters.

I do highly recommend John Schwab's book.

I didn't work through the material. I bought it to read the explanation about what an OT guitar player should be doing and I thought it was excellent. There is a lot of history and other nifty info in there. I have literally bought a half dozen copies and given them to my bluegrass guitar friends in an effort to get them to see the light. You can buy the book directly from John at https://backupguitar.com (you could also get it from Amazon if you had to).

From Dave Kreimer:
Old Time Guitar Player site: https://oldtimeguitar304628269.wordpress.com

 There are two tools that can be accessed or downloaded there.

Jere Canote Guitar Tablature: https://oldtimeguitar304628269.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/jeres-guitar-tab-6-18v2.pdf

Fiddle Tune Quick Listen Tool: https://oldtimeguitar304628269.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/dks-fiddle-tune-quick-listen-tool.pdf